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Online Marketing website – Coffee Break Innovations

This online marketing website has been developed with a primary focus to open a dialogue between specialists in digital marketing. We have expertise in Marketing, Innovation, Social media and SEO, helping businesses to meet a variety of challenges set by the modern business world.

We would like to share our experiences  ideas, and solutions, and hopefully pull together some form of collaboration between businesses, sharing innovation, ideas, and contribution from across the world.

Please feel free to browse the various news sections of the website, covering Marketing News, Innovation News, Social Media News and SEO News. Most of the content has been written by the 7minutebreak.com team, however we are always happy to consider submissions that fit the correct subjects, if you would like to feature a press release of similar on the website, please email andy@7minutebreak.com

7minutebreak.com has also worked with a number of clients to provide bespoke solutions to their affiliate and online marketing needs and has access to a plethora of media and business contacts in many categories. As well as a unique ability to develop innovative solutions to many different online marketing challenges.

Key Concept

The key concept of this site is to drive sharing of ideas between businesses, facilitated by discussion through the message board, social media and the blog sections, if you would like to feature on the website please don’t hesitate to contact us, feel free to participate and share your experiences and knowledge.

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